Year 11

Curriculum Information

The document below includes a number of hotlinks that provide in-depth information about the HSC and ATAR.

The HSC and ATAR (pdf 515 KB)


University Information

All universities offer different courses and have different entry requirements. The document below provides links to each of the 'local' universities, some information regarding their 'bonus' entry schemes and dates for their 2017 Open Days

Uni links & open days (pdf 187 KB)


This year, students start preparing for the Higher School Certificate, so it's important your child settles into a good routine that balances study commitments and life outside of school.

Preparing for the HSC

The subjects studied in Year 11 are preliminary subjects for HSC study and exams in Year 12.


Year 11 can be a challenging time for students. Your child's year adviser and other staff are available to give support or students can make an appointment to see the school counsellor.

Careers advice

Our school careers adviser can help students make educational choices, define a career direction and prepare for future study and training.

The careers advisory services website also offers help in clarifying course choices, employment opportunities, career pathways or training options. See career development for students (also in community languages).