Our school

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Caringbah High is selective and co-educational. The school provides a challenging academic curriculum as well as spirited co-curricular music, creative and performing arts, and sport programs. Students are motivated and encouraged to participate in a wide range of learning experiences to develop their individual talents and strengths. The school goal is for academic excellence and social responsibility in a secure and caring environment. We aim for students to become independent, lifelong learners, and for a meaningful partnership with the school community.

School Motto

The School's motto is "Omni Vincit Diligentia" which means "Diligence Conquers All"

Student Leadership

All students are exposed to many situations that encourage leadership and social responsibility. The active involvement of students in the Student Representative Council, Peer Support, debating and public speaking

School Symbol and Colours

In 1960, when the School opened, the area from which students were drawn covered the whole of the eastern part of the Sutherland Peninsula east of Miranda. This included the area which Sir Joseph Banks explored the day after Captain Cook dropped anchor in Botany Bay.

Because of this unique association with the man of history and science, the School chose the Banksia as its emblem, along with the colours orange, green and light grey. Using any two or all three of these makes possible a wide variety of treatment for school and sporting uniforms.

Our Community

Caringbah High School is a learning community that works in partnership with parents and our local community. The aim is for our students to become responsible citizens by participating in many community programs.

Community Service Program

Research shows that there are many benefits of volunteering. Obviously the person receiving help appreciates the effort, and if it is an environmental project, generations of people to come will be grateful.

There are also lots of benefits such as:

  • developing workplace skills and knowledge
  • meeting new people
  • finding a connectedness with your community
  • developing an understanding of cultural and generational differences
  • increased happiness and better health

The inner happiness one feels from helping someone else, and knowing that you have made a difference in their life, can really make a difference in yours too!

Caringbah High students are involved in a volunteering project with Anglican Retirement Villages at their Woolooware Shores facility. The students have already been involved in one successful activity when some of the residents attended the school for our ANZAC day assembly. We have also had two training sessions to prepare the students for their work at Woolooware Shores.

The first day of activities at Woolooware Shores involve students undertaking orientation and induction and a wide variety of activities. These will include working with residents in Oral History/ A Portrait of Youand in other organised activities such as Knit"N"Natter, Nikki's Nails, Art Express and Circle of Friends.