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Last updated 9:00 AM on 27 August 2013

Congratulations go to our Year 10 Graphics Technology and IT Engineering students who competed in the exciting "F1 in Schools" international competition against students from other Sutherland Shire schools. In small teams our students design and construct model F1 racing cars powered by compressed CO2.

Ballistix Tempesta F1 car

The top three teams were sent to represent our school in the regional finals held at Engadine Community Centre sponsored by Sutherland Council. Students were required to present their cars to engineers and explain their design ideas, displaying 3D CAD drawings, Photoshop images and research in a desktop published document. They were also required to give a team presentation to judges. Our Caringbah High teams were very competitive achieving excellent results in marketing, presentation and engineering.

The teams were:

  • Phoenix Engineering: Colman,  Daniel, Mathew, Vincent
  • Tempesta: Cherie, Veronica, Jocelyn, Aaron, Michael
  • Ballistix: Jason, Annie, Michelle, Aidan

The cars were developed using 3D CAD software that allows designers to implement rapid prototyping. After designing their cars, each team sent the CAD designs to our computer controlled manufacturing system. Each car was cut using a computer controlled milling machine and polymer parts were printed using our 3D polymer printer. The cars were then spray painted and assembled ready for race day.

Students were also required to seek advice and help from industry. A big thank you must go to our supporting companies for their valued support in marketing, presentation and manufacturing.

Head to head racing down a 25m track. Teams are required to present ideas to judges.

Teams also compete in a head-to-head sprint down a 25 metre track which electronically times the model cars. The students' reaction times were also timed. Powered by compressed CO2, cars race down the specially built track in under two seconds creating quite a tense yet exciting atmosphere. Our cars were quite competitive but did not achieve the international times of less than 1.2 seconds.

Congratulations to all three teams. Phoenix Engineering received awards for Best Marketing, and Best Verbal Presentation. Our Tempesta team won Best Engineered Car.

Our overall winning team Award winners

Our Ballistix Team won the Best Folio and achieved overall winners of the competition. They will be representing the Sutherland region in the State files later this year.