News  » School Photos - Tuesday 13th February 2018

Last updated 8:24 AM on 9 February 2018

SCHOOL PHOTOS for 2018 will be taken on Tuesday, 13th February. Students each will receive an envelope with details of how to purchase. However, there is no obligation to buy. Any student that is absent on the day will be photographed on the following Monday, 19th February.


We do not take year, group or family photos. ALL students will be photographed individually for our records, whether or not they wish to purchase a photo pack. (various photo pack options are available)


Students MUST return the envelope, with or without payment, and hand it to the photographers when they are being photographed on the day of their photograph. The school does not take any payments.


Classes will be called in turn to the library for photos. Students who have PDHPE that day must bring a school shirt. Students will also be asked to remove any excess jewellery or other non-uniform items.


Year 12

Year 12 students may go to the library before school from 8.30am if they wish to have their photo taken so as not to miss any class. There will also be provision for Year 12 students to be photographed during lesson time. There is traditionally a less serious combined Year 12 photo where students dress up. This will be taken on Monday, 19th February at 8:30am. No face or body painting, no offensive dress or signs. This photo will be ordered through the Year Adviser at a later time and students will be notified.