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Last updated 2:03 PM on 8 November 2013

Interlude 4, held on 20th October, was in the form of a piano recital. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to perform and for lovers of piano to enjoy different genres of music, from jazz to baroque and back again; including classical, romantic and impressionist. We have extremely accomplished pianists within the school and it was indeed a privilege to listen to them all play. Thank you to all of you: Tomer, Leo, Alyse, Josh, Jayden, Chris, Alex, Eric, Matthew and Weilon. Thanks also to Mr Lim-Klumpes for treating us all to his fantastic, brand new, as yet unnamed composition. Thanks also to Mr Hooper, Mr Lim-Klumpes and Mr Chapple for giving of their week-end time to make this event possible.

Student playing the piano at Interlude 4 at Caringbah High School