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Last updated 2:15 PM on 11 December 2013

The annual Music Night was held on Friday 22nd November. It was a fantastic night for all the students involved and a very entertaining show for all the many families who attended. All ensembles performed so well, reflecting the year's practice and the hard work at band camp in the days before. A huge thank-you and congratulations go to all the performers and the lighting and stage crews.


Thank-you also to the many sponsors who  provided prizes for the raffles throughout the year, the band tutors, the music teachers Mr Hooper and Mr Lim-Klumpes and the other teachers and office staff who kindly helped with all the music evenings.


Lastly, the Music Support Group would like to wish the whole school community a very happy Christmas break and an exciting new year.

Outstanding performances from our students. Outstanding performances from our students