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Last updated 10:39 AM on 25 October 2013

Our Year 10 Graphics Technology students, Jason, Michelle, Aidan and Annie earlier this term competed at the F1 in Schools State finals against students from different schools across NSW. At the University of Western Sydney, racing over three days, teams from various school systems were put through their paces. The competition required teams to provide a series of presentations about the design of a model F1 race car, including their design process, marketing and industry collaboration. Our students also were expected to design their team logo and racing uniform and develop desktop published design folio.

Our Ballistix team


Industry collaboration is an important aspect of the competition and it was expected that teams engaged the expert services of local industry. A big thankyou goes to the people and companies that have supported our team throughout the competition such as:

  • Caringbah High School P&C
  • Hobbyco
  • C. A. Rich Engineering

Our students also presented their cars to judge engineers and explained their design ideas displaying 3D CAD drawings, Photoshop rendered drawings, and research about aerodynamics, bearings, rapid prototyping and fluid dynamics testing. The cars were manufactured using computer controlled milling machines and 3D polymer printers. Students also learnt how to apply a spray finish on the cars. The car used high end ceramic bearings and carbon fibre reinforced polymer materials.

The Ballistix car  Racing

The exciting part of the two days is where teams compete in a head-to-head sprint down a 25 metre track which electronically times the model cars. The students' reaction times are also recorded electronically. The cars are powered by compressed CO2 and race down the specially built track in about 1.3 seconds, creating a very exciting and tense atmosphere. The fastest car in the competition raced down the track in under 1.1 seconds almost achieving the world record. Problem solving on race day was also tested as teams had a allocated time to improve and fix issues between racing.

Our Ballistix team and a full scale F1 racing car.  Reaction time racing

While unfortunately Caringbah – Ballistix were unsuccessful in achieving the overall championship, our team was very competitive, and our car was chosen for a display as one of the best of the competition.