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Last updated 3:21 PM on 1 March 2017

Our Engineering students compete at the F1 in Schools National Championships in Adelaide over four days.

Day 1:
Following an early morning flight, Nangamay arrived in Adelaide for the F1 in Schools National Finals. Day 1 composed of two short practice sessions, along with checking into accommodation at Adelaide Shores. The practice sessions revealed that our car would be competitive throughout the week (with a quickest time of 1.13 seconds over 20m), and provided us the opportunity to test our various Launch Energy Recovery System (LERS) Devices. The day concluded with a team dinner and TV back at Adelaide Shores.
Day 2:
Nangamay arrived at Titanium Security Arena, the venue for the National Finals early on Monday morning. We were then given two hours to set up our pit display, comprising of posters, marketing material, cars and portfolios. Manufacturing Manager Billy, and Design Engineer Zac were then required to attend Critical Regulation Rectification, where they were told whether our car broke any regulations, and were given the chance to fix them. The final activity of the day was the Pressure Challenge, where we were given three hours to create a new Racing team and car, this time for a V8 Supercars competition. The team created a very competitive marketing campaign, render and race car, to be judged on Days 3 and 4.

F1 in Schools National FinalF1 in Schools National Final


F1 in Schools National Final