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Last updated 9:30 AM on 6 March 2017

Congratulations go to our Engineering students Anton, Billy, Zac, Thomas, and Aaron for winning the following awards in the National Titles for the F1 in Schools awards.

  • Innovation Award,
  • Fastest Car in the pressure challenge and
  • Outstanding Industry Collaboration

F1 in Schools National ChampionshipsThe team


Our students were required to develop a 3D CAD design car; a marketing campaign and design folio; develop connections and collaboration with local industry. Students race the cars down a 20 metre track, and over three days give presentations describing their designs.

For more information about the race event go to YouTube: 2017 Australian Competition

This is a significant achievement, as our students have only been competing in this competition for twelve months, competing against very experienced teams from all over Australia, who have been together for several years. Unfortunately we were not able to realise that elusive combination that leads to the International Finals overseas.