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Last updated 8:47 AM on 4 March 2013

Chinese Parents Education Project In Mandarin

An Initiative of the Caringbah High Parents & Citizens which is a two hour session program aimed at Chinese parents with 12-18 years old teenagers. Bookings are essential, ring the School on 02 9524 3859

Venue: Library Meeting Room

Address: Willarong Road  Caringbah

Date: 8 May 2013  (Wednesday)

Time: 7:00 – 9:00pm

The project is designed to:

  • Help  Chinese parents to understand puberty  and the rapid growth of teenagers. How teenagers are facing the he physical and emotional challenges
  • Discuss with parents how to emphasize and recognize their teenagers' feelings and promote a holistic approach & balanced life academically, physically & emotionally.
  • Explore with parents  how to maintain teenagers'mentalhealthwithappropriate pressure.

 For more information Flyer (pdf 875 KB)