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Last updated 3:30 PM on 3 June 2013

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a school leader is having the opportunity to meet other inspiring leaders, from other schools and the wider community. On 9thMay, Mohan and I (Ashleigh)had the incredible opportunity to visit NSW Parliament house with a number of other school leaders from around the Sydney and New England Region.


The day began with an address by our local member Mark Speakman and two of his colleagues from the lower house. Each Member of Parliament came from a different political party so we were able to hear a broad range of opinions and ideas. The member for Balmain, Jamie Parker and the member for Lakemba, Robert Furolo gave us an insight into the events that lead them to become involved in politics. Despite their differences, the three MP's seemed undoubtedly committed to the welfare and bright future of our state. At the end of their speeches we were given the chance to ask questions. Mohan and I both asked questions about the restraints of being in a political party, to which we were given excellent and insightful replies. Both Houses of Parliament were sitting on the day so we were able to witness debate in both the legislative assembly and council. The upper house was debating "The rights of the Terminally Ill" bill which was very interesting to watch. Despite the fact that it did not pass, the debate was very emotional and thought provoking.


After our tour of Parliament House we proceeded to Government House for a tour of the grounds and an address by the NSW Governor, Marie Bashir. Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir is personally one of my role models so to see her speak was a privilege to say the least. Her commitment to mental health in young people throughout her life is truly inspiring and her work as the first female state Governor only compliments this. Overall the day was great fun and an amazing opportunity. To be surrounded by both the leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow is something that I'm really glad to have experienced.

Visit to Government House by our School