Online Learning

School Online Learning Website

Go to Online Learning (Moodle) at Caringbah high school

Our online learning website provides a secure online classroom enabling access to online learning tools and resources such as:

  • Lessons and tutorials;
  • Links to web resources;
  • Multimedia;
  • Online tests and quizzes;
  • Wikis;
  • Discussion forums mediated by teaching staff;
  • Online assessment;
  • Blogs.

Our students access the online learning classrooms using their school login account, at school or at home, exploring links to many resources supporting their learning.

The Student and Parent Portal

Go to the Sentral Student and Parent portal at Caringbah high school

The student and parent portal provides access to some information from Sentral (the school administration system), and also enables communication between students, parents and the school.

Students and Parents can:

  • Check the daily notices
  • View a Student timetable
  • Access a summary of  attendance

Parents will also be able to:

  • Book a parent teacher interview (when the interview days are made available).
  • Check and request a change/edit to family information.

DEC Portal

Go to DEC Portal

The DEC portal allows staff and students access to the internet, intranet and email from anywhere, in addition to applications, services and information.