Caring for students

Our school environment welcomes and respects people from all backgrounds.

Browse this section to find out how we work with you to provide a safe and caring learning environment for your child and also keep informed about support for school families.

Student Welfare

Caringbah High School has a strong emphasis on maintaining a harmonious and productive environment where students feel confident and supported. Effective academic progression can only take place if students experience a sense of well being in their learning environment.
Our welfare team consists of: the principal, deputy principals, welfare coordinator, year advisors and school counsellor. This welfare team meets every term to prepare and review new and current programs. The deputy, welfare coordinator and counsellor meet more regularly to discuss individual student issues. Currently, the welfare team is working on the construction of a whole school program on resilience.

Our Positive Well-Being Programs

Our positive well-being programs are based on the work of Dr. Martin Seligman and more recently the Australian research of Dr. Suzie Green. Their work, and the experience of professionals in the fields of education and psychology, demonstrates that a proactive approach to mental and emotional well-being is more effective than a reactionary approach.

Caringbah high school has always been a caring and positive environment of collective and collaborative learning. However, until 2011 we had not established a whole school welfare program embedded into the curriculum. Currently, our school's positive psychology program endeavours to do this.

 Included in the program are classroom activities such as gratitude writing, lessons and presentations which encourage students to change negative thinking to positive thinking, challenges such as the strengths gym and activities designed to link positive well-being with literacy.

Apart from positive activities in the classroom year groups participate in camps, fundraising events and well-being presentations and discussions. Whole school events such as the ‘being well/giving back' lunch and Harmony Day are designed to promote students' physical and emotional well-being.

At Caringbah High we are committed to a whole school approach to student well-being. We also recognise that, at times, students may experience a range of challenges to their learning. Our Learning Support Team consists of Deputy Principals, School Counsellor, Head Teacher Welfare, Welfare Assistant Teacher and Year Advisors from each year group. The LST meets regularly to discuss and manage individual students with particular needs and to plan for whole school events.

We embrace the concept of whole person learning and we make every effort to ensure our students are well balanced, resilient, positive young people who care for themselves and others.